About Godwin OkriGodwin Okri, who is the author of the newly published book titled “Investing in Property with Strategy”, is an employed Barrister specialising in residential property investments.

Apart from his legal background, Mr Okri is the CEO at Menvo Limited, a property investment consultancy. Mr Okri has 13 years experience (since 2002) as a UK real estate practitioner. He is also a certified Real Estate Agent in the state of Florida, USA and has vast international property experience in all aspects of buying and selling of repossessed Bank-owned properties.


About The book

The newly published book “Investing in Property with Strategy” encourages its reader to take a ‘quantum leap’ into property investments.

Godwin Okri BookThe book ‘Investing in Property with Strategy’ is written primarily to help the reader understand the basic principles of making money in property investments. The book tries to ensure that the reader achieves financial freedom through asset acquisition. It suggests ways in which property could be purchased without any money down.

The book, referring to the “Quantum Theory”, advocates that the ‘quantum’ strategy is an investment tool which can be applied and utilised by property investors to create or increase their wealth.

This strategy is a proven technique suited for those trying to buy below-market-value property or  for those trying to increase their property portfolio in a cost-effective way.

The book introduces the reader to 3 scientific investment tools: velocity; value engineering; and leveraging.

“Velocity” refers to the speed of purchasing investment property made possible through “leveraging”. “Leveraging” refers to utilising other people’s money to gain an investment advantage in the property market.  “Value engineering” relates to improvement, repairs or renovation of a property.


Publicity & Representatives

The book is published by New Generation Publishers, who are also the representatives for the author. The publishers can be contacted on 01234 713 347. Their website is: www.newgeneration-publishers.com.






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